Three-day course focusing on Space Electronics

Posted on February 2, 2024

In collaboration with Space North East England, Spacechips will be teaching a three-day course focusing on Space Electronics at the Space Enterprise Lab, NETPark from 19th to 21st March 2024.

The course is aimed at UK manufacturers of satellite or spacecraft subsystems looking to improve design capability, knowledge of qualified/COTS parts and up-skilling of staff. The course would also benefit UK suppliers or distributors of space components who are looking to increase awareness of the competitive landscape.

What you will learn:

1. How to design Space Electronics right-first-time, to cost and schedule, preventing you over-engineering, delivering late and spending too much: the key project milestones used by satellite/spacecraft OEMs, the required deliverables and the standards used by the space industry.

2. The differences between all space-grade FPGAs and how to select the most suitable device for your next project: a comparison of FPGAs implementing spacecraft IP comparing devices from Microchip, Xilinx, Frontgrade and NanoXplore! When to use an MCU/MPU instead of an FPGA? When to use an ACAP? A comparison of space-grade memory technologies?

3. How to use and select low-cost COTS parts and which COTS FPGAs, ADCs/DACs and Power devices can you reliably use for space applications.

4. Semiconductor radiation effects, mitigation techniques and radiation testing.

5. The differences between all space-grade ADCs/DACs, RF sampling and how to reduce the size, cost, weight and power consumption of satellite transponders.

6. The differences between space-grade isolated DC-DCs, linear and switching POLs, and how to select the most suitable device for your next project. Which parts not to use?

7. Right-first-time PCB design for space applications: component placement, routing, layout and design-for-EMC using optimum PCB stack-up, thermal management and pre & post-layout verification – how to ensure your Space Electronics will be built and manufactured right-first-time!

All attendees will receive a personal bound copy of the training notes containing 900 slides and the tuition includes lab. demos. and exercises to reinforce your learning: numbers are limited to deliver an interactive and immersive education experience!

This will be the only UK Space Electronics course for 2024 so early booking is advised. This will be the only UK based course for 2024.


The cost is £975 per person per day: attendees can register for any one day, any two or all three

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