Unlocking Space-Derived Data for Opportunities Across Scotland and East Anglia

Posted on February 21, 2024

Space Scotland and Space East, in collaboration with South of Scotland Enterprise and AstroAgency, are at the forefront of an innovative initiative funded by the UK Space Agency’s Space Cluster Partnership Fund. This strategic partnership aims to establish robust connections between regional space and agricultural clusters in Scotland and the East of England.

The project serves as a catalyst for the development of innovative products and services, addressing challenges related to land and water through knowledge exchange, best practice sharing, networking, and collaborative efforts. By leveraging shared experience, this initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, facilitate the development of relationships, and inspire commercial projects between partner regions.

Three fully funded workshops are planned as part of the project:

  • Workshop 1 (September 2024, Edinburgh): An introductory platform for knowledge sharing, where findings from the mapping exercise will be discussed. Common goals and challenges will be identified, fostering connections between suppliers and end users.
  • Workshop 2 (November 2024, East of England): Focused on specific agricultural challenges in each region. The workshop aims to encourage cross-sector dialogue, innovative solutions, and strengthen partnerships between space data providers and agricultural stakeholders.
  • Workshop 3 (January 2025, South of Scotland): Bringing together participants from both regions to discuss the next steps in collaborative endeavours, explore upcoming opportunities, and set the stage for future initiatives leveraging space-derived data in agriculture.

The project outputs will be instrumental in showcasing the tangible benefits of cross-collaboration between space technology and agriculture. These outputs will not only drive innovation and attract investment for satellite data solutions, but also serve as a model for future initiatives. By demonstrating the economic impact and the potential for strengthening local economies, the project aims to position the UK as a global leader in the intersection of space technology and agriculture.

The project will cover travel and accommodation costs for each participant to attend all three workshops. As such, participant numbers are limited, therefore, early expression of interest is strongly recommended.

To discuss this opportunity to shape the future of these important areas, please contact your local space cluster manager:

Scotland                           Christina MacLeod                       christina@spacescotland.org

East of England               Stuart Catchpole                           stuart@spaceeast.co.uk

Closing date for expression of interest: 15 March 2024

Application Form SCP Project Summary and Application Form (003)

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